Small person in a big city

Small person in a big city




Any megapolis

Image Purpose:


Story behind the image

From time to time you need to work on personal projects to develop technical skills and artistic sense. It is a one man show where you play client and artist at the same time. Maybe that is the way to understand the clients pain while making a proper task.


This is the rare time when you can see Submarina creating architecture project. Everything in the image was designed by us. Idea is to create an impression of the super big megapolis - New York for example.


Intense traffic mostly of the taxi cabs, lots of steam, crowded sidewalks, streets are drowned in shadows and you are trying to capture a glimpse of falling light while passing by. Oops, someone blocked the view! No problem, it is even better.


As you may know, we work with 3d and 2d while creating the images. This image is precisely 50/50. The building is full 3d and the foreground is all 2d cuted out from a various photos. The challenge here was to find the photos with the right vertical perspective and focal length. Do you hear the street noise while looking at this image ?