Pines And Tesla

Pines And Tesla




Kyiv, Ukraine

Image Purpose:


Story behind the image

We were surprised to see this image hitting 12k likes on our instagram page. It is 10 times more than any other image posted before. So we wonder what is all the magic behind it ?


The key in this picture is the architecture itself. Combination of concrete, glass and wooden panels feels very well balanced and it attracts viewers attention. Surrounded with pines it creates a perfect place for living.


To underline the volumes it was natural to setup the low sunlight so the pines would drop long shadows and cover the less important parts. The result is bright sunlight in the middle of the image and soft light with deep shadows all around


Slightly yellowed foliage gives us a feeling of the early autumn mood. The cherry on top of the cake is the Tesla model S parked by the house so it gives the viewer an idea about the environment friendly habitants. We are quite happy with the result as this image already been copied by the other artists on the web. This means it is worth stealing.